Cast of Characters


Jack Wakefield, captain, 82nd Airborne, U.S. Army
Baldwin Hicks, staff sergeant, 82nd Airborne, U.S. Army

Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
James (Jumpin Jim) Gavin, general, 82nd Airborne, U. S. Army
William Lee, major general, 101st Airborne, U.S. Army
Jim Ewens, captain, U. S. Army Air Corps
William Surratt, first lieutenant, 4th Infantry Division, U. S. Army
Wallace Strobel, first lieutenant, 101st Airborne, U.S. Army
John Steele, corporal, 82nd Airborne, U. S. Army
William Shirer, reporter, CBS News


Quinn Family
– Oliver Quinn, resident of the island of Guernsey, farmer
– Margaret Quinn, wife
– Claire Quinn, daughter

Mack McVie, sergeant, 51st Highlander Division, BEF
Colin Fradd, sergeant, 51st Highlander Division, BEF
Simon Hancock, sergeant, medic, 51st Highlander Division, BEF
Virgil Pierpont, squadron leader, RAF
Kingsley Dalton, flight lieutenant, RAF

Winston Churchill, prime minister
Bertram Ramsey, vice Admiral, Royal Navy
William Wharton, captain, Royal Navy
William Tennant, captain, Royal Navy
Alan Brooke, chief of the imperial general staff.
Charles Lightoller, captain of the yacht, Sundowner
Alastair Denniston, commander, Bletchley Park
Stuart Milner-Berry, champion chess player, code breaker
Gordan Welchman, mathematician, code breaker
Frank Nelson, chief, SOE
Kathleen Summersby, General Eisenhower’s driver, BMTC


Fictional (* Member of the French Resistance)
Legrand Family
– René Legrand, farmer*
– Cécile Legrand, wife
– Philippe Legrand, oldest son
– Jean-Pierre, youngest son*

Ganier Family
– Pascal Ganier, farmer*
– Luke Ganier, son*
– Madeleine Ganier, grandmother

Lapierre Family
– Brigitte Lapierre, widow
– Armand Lapierre, son
– Angélique Lapierre, daughter*

Hall Family
– Arthur Hall, American/French citizen, thoroughbred horse farmer*
– Gabrielle Hall, French wife*

Laurent Family
– Martin Laurent, lieutenant, 21st Infantry Division, French Army
– Margot Laurent, wife, schoolteacher

Marchand Brothers
– André Marchand, grocer
– François Marchand, older brother

Garcia Family
– Salvador Garcia, hotel owner
– Maximina (Max) Garcia, son

Daniel Girard, owner of tugboat company, resident of Cherbourg*
Antoine Devaux, owner of marine electrical shop, resident of Cherbourg*
Julien DuBois, dock supervisor*
Domingo Barojas, guide
Maurice Fuquay, student
Marcel Bordeur, corporal, 21st Infantry Division, French Army
Ismaela Abraham, nursing home resident
Hyam Rubin, nursing home resident
Netta Rubin, nursing home resident

Alexandre Renaud, mayor Sainte-Mère-Église
Charles de Gaulle, General, French Army
Doctor Pelletier


Shapiro Family
– Joseph Shapiro, living in France, banker
– Ingrid Shapiro, wife
– Alfred Shapiro, oldest son
– Dreyfus Shapiro, youngest son

German Military
– Gunther Dettmer, sturmbannführer, Waffen-SS
– Helmut Volk, oberst, Wehrmacht
– Wilhelm Ziegler, major, Wehrmacht
– Wolfgang Beck, corporal, Wehrmacht
– Claus Muller, corporal, Wehrmacht

Adolf Hitler, chancellor/führer
Hermann Göring, supreme commander of the Luftwaffe
Erwin Rommel, Generalfeldmarschall


Edelman Family
Uri Edelman, professor of music
Miriam Edelman, wife, professor of language
Esther Edelman, daughter


Uncle Marcos, Spanish revolutionary.


Frederick Riddle, seaman, Royal Navy

Contributing Characters **

Colin Fradd
Elizabeth Gassoway
Joe Alvarez
Katie Keene
Kimberly Morrison

** Contributing characters are neither fictional nor historical. They are actual individuals who made significant contributions to this novel in the form of editing or advanced reading. If you are interested in being a contributor in a future publication, email me at An additional list of contributors can be found in the acknowledgments at the back of this book.